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The perfect collection for a cozy home

The Classic Moments

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Welcome to the world of BRAMOLA

Welcome to the world of Bramola Furniture by Classic Furniture and Furnishings and feel the Joy, Love, and Warmth of living. After 25 years of intense experience, Classic Furniture is reborn with ideas, enthusiasm and action with a commitment to provide fascinating, overwhelming and soothing experiences of furniture and furnishings to our clients. In today’s competitive world we understand it is very important to have a cozy, tranquil and welcoming home.

 Home is your retreat, a place to catch up and an escape. It could be a one-room studio apartment or a 3-4 room spacious apartment or a luxurious villa. We all deserve an inviting happy home at the end of the day and also for an unwinding weekend with friends and family. Classic is very serious to furnish your home and make you feel proud owner. Classic aims to extend all kind of experiences to our customers starting from Indian and Asian traditional furniture, European 17th and 18th Century furniture. English traditional and hand painted furniture, American Mission furniture, distress furniture, modern straight-line Scandinavian furniture, minimalistic simple urban living furniture.

 In brief, Classic is endeavoring to give you World of experience of bygone eras, country homes, modern urban lifestyle homes. Classic is also aiming to re-invigorate and promote Indian Artisans by introducing subtle handwork of carving, turning, painting and inlays.

You know the value of furniture that lasts and sets the stage for life's little cherished dreams and memories. Classic is putting effort to built high quality and timeless style into each piece of furniture and leave a little mark in the mind of its clients.

Our Experience Centre at 1,Forest Lane has all the display which you can see in our website. Ofcourse there are many more things to experience while you walk in.We mainly display one piece of each product.Once our clients experience them then they can place order which we will deliver within 7-10 days based on the quantity and finishes required by them.For products which have hand painting , intricate carving, distress finish(basically they are piece of art and not only a furniture) may take 30-45 days for deliveries.

Classic provides bespoke furniture after taking inspiration from our existing display or client's current theme in their house or it could be client's vision and our proposal to create a new piece of furniture all together.



If someone were to ask us what we really dig about Classic, we’d say it’s their impeccable build quality

LBB Delhi


Experience Centre

New Delhi :

1 Forest Lane, Near Ghitorni 
Metro Station, Ghitorni 
(New Delhi)- 110030, India.

Team Bramola:

+91 9811234694

+91 9643335627
+91 9643335624

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By Classic Furniture & Furnishing