Warranty Clause


CLASSIC Furniture/ BRAMOLA provides 12 months repairing warranty on any manufacturing defects. Subject to the limitations and exclusions herein.


Wood being a natural product will have some variation in color/grains, or imperfections, which is considered part of natural. . Wood surfaces are subject to denting, scratching, etc. if not properly used and cared for. Natural variations in colour, knots, stress marks, etc. are not considered defects of workmanship and materials. Users should also be aware that all surface finishes mellow with age. For outdoor wooden furniture, some deterioration will happen due to the weather effect in spite of the best of the treatments. Each furniture being individually handmade may have minor variation in size, shape, and finish. Our designs evolve over time and there may be some variation in angles, elements, etc. compared to what is seen online. Each furniture being individually handmade may have minor variation in size, shape, and finish. Handmade fabric will have some variation in print, colour, patches, patterns, etc.

Limitations, exclusions, and conditions of Warranty


  1. The warranty starts with the date of purchase as mentioned in the invoice.


  1. Proof of purchase required from original buyer for warranty to be valid.


  1. CLASSIC/BRAMOLA must be notified of any manufacturing defects within 7 days of purchase. The warranty will be null & void if any repairing work is done by a third party.


  1. The warranty stands void if the product has been modified, altered or transformed in any way.


  1. The warranty does not cover if the product have been misused or handled carelessly or has been wilfully damaged, neglected or used in abnormal conditions, fire, flood, weather, relocation, etc. For example, If leg of the chairs is damaged due to leaning back on its two legs, tables is damaged due to standing or sitting on it or Damages arising from any misuse, force or mishandling are not covered.


  1. The warranty does not cover for normal wear and tear, usual deterioration or dents or scratches that occurs during regular use. Knots opening, cracking, Fading, and splitting due to normal expansion and contraction of wood due to climatic changes and deterioration over a period of time are not covered in the warranty.


  1. Hardware malfunctioning that requires setting changes, such as that of drawer channels and hinges of doors, loosing of the screw, etc., are not being considered as manufacturing defects so it is not covered in the warranty.


  1. Wood finishes and upholstery fabrics are not warranted.


  1. Drawers/doors may run tight or lose due to variation in humidity and temperature in the surroundings. These are not covered under warranty.


  1. These Limited Warranty coverage is provided to the original purchaser and do not apply to rented or commercial uses.


  1. Damage caused by the carrier in-transit is covered under repairing warranty. Such damages should be notified on the same day of receipt of the goods and should be notified to the delivery agent at the time of delivery.


  1. All furniture should be opened and checked for any defect/damage. Any such issue of damage in transit should be notified before receipt of goods .In case of damage in transit the person carrying the goods will repair immediately.Once the goods are received no claim will be considered. If the furniture is not going to be used for a long time, it is desirable that they should be opened and kept in a safe and cool place to avoid accidental and heat damage.


  1. The cost of transportation of goods to be repaired offsite to be borne by the customer.
  2. BRAMOLA is happy to repair your furniture within or above warranty period within a reasonable cost on request.


NOTE: BRAMOLA makes its customers fill customer appraisal form for providing better services in the future.