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About Us

We use Seasoned and Treated Indian Wood like Mango, Sheesham and Teak. We also promote PEFC Swiss Certified Imported Timber like Hemlock and Red Cedar from Canada; Steam Beech and Oak from Europe; SYP from U.S.A and various Exotic Timbers from Africa on demand.

Bramola is reinventing furniture with an Old World charm (Domestic and International), incorporating modern utilitarian features. We also specialize in distress finishes with an array of color combinations.

Join our journey as Classic Furniture and Furnishings reinvents itself under BRAMOLA, through signature brands such as the Classic Moments and Mango Tree. Classic Moments needs to be experienced first hand through the sensations of touch and feel; while the Mango Tree Collection is a range of Straight Line, Minimalist, Multi-use and Space Saving furniture.

We create beautifully crafted Bespoke pieces that you can experience in person. Our products are displayed in a lovely 6000 square foot guest house in Charmwood Vilage. We would love to have you visit us and discuss your furniture aspirations with our expert team of Designers, to fulfil the vision for your home.


'If someone were to ask us what we really dig about Bramola, we would say it is their impeccable build quality'

LBB, Delhi

Experience Center

House 68, Block 5, Charmwood Village


Book an Appointment:

+91 9811234698

+91 9643335628